UPS, CP CP685AVRG, 685VA, 390W


CyberPower CP685AVRG, 685VA, 390W, 1030 J suppression, line-interactive, AVR, 4 surge+battery & 4 surge-only outlets, 3yr $125k warranty, lead acid, 11″x6.8″x3.5″ WHD. Replaceable battery.

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The CyberPower CP685AVRG uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system provides battery backup and surge protection for lightning-induced surges and other power events that can damage electronic equipment. This UPS, with line-interactive topology, uses simulated sine wave output to deliver enough battery backup to power connected electronics through a utility power failure. The unit has enough runtime to perform a graceful shutdown to protect against the loss of data and damage to valuable desktop computers, workstations, networking devices, and home entertainment systems.The CP685AVRG uses Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to correct minor power fluctuations without switching to battery power. AVR is essential in areas where power fluctuations occur frequently, and it helps to extend the unit's battery life. CyberPower designed the CP685AVRG to minimize noise for a quieter work environment and run efficiently to reduce power consumption.

Experience higher efficiency with lower energy cost
685 VA load capacity – work without any interruption during power outages
Prevent critical data loss by staying powered during a blackout with up to 390 W load capacity
Up to 2 minute runtime on full load to preserve critical data from power shortage interruptions

USB:   Yes

Battery Information
Backup/Run Time (Full Load):   2 Minute
Typical Battery Recharge Time:   8 Hour