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Pro+Tech Personal with Virus Protection, Hardware Monitoring, and Software/Windows Updates Management.

Pro+Tech makes it easy to get friendly and affordable tech support.

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Pro+Tech Managed Services


Pro+Tech is a managed service for Windows and Mac computers. It includes antivirus, hardware monitoring, software and operating system updates, monthly reporting, remote desktop access, built-in access to tech support, and discounts on labor. Additionally, backup can be added to any Pro+Tech subscription. Pro+Tech costs $12.50 per month and does not have a contract so service can be canceled at any time. Find out more or sign up by visiting


Pro+Tech uses Bitdefender as its antivirus engine. Bitdefender is a highly rated and industry-leading antivirus software. 

With Pro+Tech your computer is always actively monitored for malware, viruses, malicious files, rootkits, cookies, windows registry changes, adware, spyware, dialers, potentially unwanted programs(PUPS), key loggers, boot sectors, email archives, file archive, and removable media. 

In addition to Bitdefender always protecting your computer, a technician will analyze your virus scan results on a daily basis to identify risk behaviors and patterns and will alert you if you are at an increased risk. We quarantine all viruses and malicious files for review to make sure we are not deleting “false positive” files.

Hardware Monitoring

Hardware monitoring can prevent serious issues before they affect your computer. Pro+Tech actively monitors the health of your hard drive, processors, memory(RAM), and other hardware critical to the operation of your computer. A technician reviews any abnormalities with your computer’s hardware daily and determines the best course of action. 

Software Updates

Keeping your programs up to date has become as important as antivirus in protecting you from hackers and other bad actors. A full list of software can be found at . It includes most major software.

Operating System Updates

Pro+Tech makes sure that your computer’s operating system is up to date. This is commonly referred to as Windows patching. OS updates include optional and critical updates. Pro+Tech has a 99% patch compliance rate. We review and delay patches that we deem unstable to ensure your computer is protected from “zero-day” vulnerabilities. Patching can be customized to your specific needs but the majority of our customers have are part of our standard patching policy. 

Remote Desktop Access

Pro+Tech customers are able to access their computers remotely with their phones, tablets, or another computer through a secure Splashtop connection. This service requires a little additional setup but is free to all Pro+Tech customers. Contact an account representative to activate this feature. 

Tech Support

Tech support related to virus protection and other Pro+Tech features is free of charge to all subscribers. Additional support such as help installing programs, adding a printer, or helping to troubleshoot social media is easy to receive assistance with and Pro+Tech customers receive a discount on all support whether it is remote, onsite, or in the shop.

Monthly Reporting

All activity related to Pro+Tech is reported in a monthly executive summary. This includes viruses, remote connections, applications installed, patching, and more. This reporting conveys to our customers that we are delivering on the promises we make to our Pro+Tech customers.


Backup is not included in the monthly Pro+Tech rate but can be purchased in 60GB blocks for $10 per month. The backup can be shared across multiple devices and can be configured to include any important files or exclude files that don’t matter if they are lost to save money. Pro+Tech file backup saves multiple instances of the same files and keeps them for an extended period of time in case a customer accidentally deletes a file or wants to revert back to a previous version. 

Pro+Tech also offers full image backup of your computer. Full image backup creates an exact copy of your hard drive and backs up your operating system and programs in addition to every file on your computer. Contact a Pro+Tech account manager for pricing details on image backup.

More information can be found at

Chat live with a technician at

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